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Adapters & Accessories TBcomfort/TBsonio

Welcome to the eShop of TBcomfort and TBsonio

Here you will find accessories for our turbocharger balancing machines for the repair market and the appropriate adapter rings for the TBsonio.

The adaptation of the different core assemblies to the TBsonio will be effected through an adapter ring . The adapter ring connects the core assembly to the machine and simulates the turbine side of the turbocharger for the air drive.

Existing Schenck adapter rings of the machine series 110MBRS can be also used in the TBsonio.

In our eShop you will find the adapter rings for common types of turbocharger quickly and easily, so that for the repair of your turbocharger nothing stands in the way. If you don't find the right adapter ring please contact us. We can build your adapter ring on request.

For choosing the right adapter rings, you can do the following:

1. Quick Search
Here you can find the right adapter ring by searching through the vehicle manufacturer or the turbochargers supplier.

2. Highrunner
Here we list you the 20 most common adapter rings for the European market

A delivery from our adapter and accessory range is through this eShop only possible within the EU. For deliveries outside the EU you can contact our distributors: